Here's a list of software engineering and engineering management books that have influenced me.

The Effective Managerby Mark Horstman

The first book I read when I became a tech lead, this offers practical advice and tools for becoming more effective as a manager, focusing on communication, delegation, giving feedback, and performance management.

ManagementThe Making of a Managerby Julie Zhuo

Guide for new managers, offering actionable strategies for leadership roles, distinguishing management from leadership, focusing on specific tasks to enhance team performance and outcomes. Also highlights key areas to focus on, including purpose, people, and process, and the importance of building trust with team members.

ManagementThe Manager's Pathby Camille Fournier

A must-read for engineers considering or already in management roles, offering insights and covering the journey from individual contributor to leader, the book presents the author's varied experiences in large institutions and startups. It navigates the nuances of leadership while tackling common management challenges.

ManagementRadical Candorby Kim Scott

Explores insights of balancing genuine empathy with the ability to provide constructive feedback, that helps to build stronger relationships and also provide guidance that helps others grow.

ManagementThe First 90 Daysby Michael D. Watkins

Guidance for navigating the first 90 days in a new leadership role, providing strategies for negotiating success, alignment with your manager, and managing yourself.

ManagementOnboardingMindsetby Carol S. Dweck

The book says that thinking with a growth mindset leads to success. It compares this to a fixed mindset, which believes abilities are unchangeable. It shows how people with a growth mindset face challenges and see setbacks as chances to learn and succeed through perseverance and love to learn.


Adding more books soon!